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(Updated November 24, 2003)

The Gulf of Fonseca

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Gemini and Maverick at Anchor

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The Gulf of Fonseca was not listed as a primary destination in our cruising guides, but we spent a week there and would have been sad if we'd missed it.  Islands in the Bay of Fonseca seem like a slice of time from the distant, bikes and feet are the main forms of transportation.  Everyone was friendly, but the children were especially delightful.

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After giving away tablets and pens, we were followed everywhere by a grateful band of children, who were happy to pose for us in front of the town's dedication plaque and show us the town's most colorful house. 


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They also escorted us through a cattle parade, introduced us to the local chicken merchant and proudly led us up the hills to look at a newborn foal and piglets.

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Pangas were carefully stored in the boatsheds nightly, with outboard motors cleaned and mounted on boards protected from the elements.  Getting friendly with the fishermen paid off with a record-breaking kilo of shrimp for $10.


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