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Updated September 3, 2004

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Spotting Cruisers

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Both are quick to zero in on any cruising boat arriving in "their bay".  This island is privately owned by a wealthy German family who gave Dieter & Gerta the right to live undisturbed on the southern edge.


The Farm

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Leading the simple life, the German couple have planted fruit trees like pampelmousse, raised chickens, sheep and pigs and live off the land.  The high-tech measuring system includes a wooden bar, two buckets and rocks collected for their approximate weight values.


Don't Forget the Rum!

In exchange for a delightful tour of the farm, a delicious assortment of fresh food and unlimited stories, Dieter graciously accepts bottles of rum (or any other liquor you might have handy).  He proudly labels each bottle with your sailboat name and will boast of your visit when he serves it to the next unsuspecting cruiser.

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