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Long Tall Sally is one classy boat, and Jade lives up to their reputation.  Except for the occasional insults like having stray animals brought aboard, Penny and Greg treat Jade like the prince he really is.  The other problem is that they keep him on a leash.  I behave myself and stay on the boat because I hate leashes and don't want to become a cat taco.


Dennis and Tina take real good care of Moby on Alii Kai, so I encouraged my crew to be good friends with them.  Moby and I got along great cuz we exchanged kitty litter (she doesn't like the clumping type, but I do).  She's kind of a fancy cat, tho, and I just came from the pound, so I always try and talk sophisticated when they're close by.  Now that they've gone to the Pacific Islands, I can relax a little bit.


Nancy and John are really in love with Panda, who they found in a gutter in Matzalan.  I think she appreciates being aboard Topaz, cuz she even does tricks, like sitting up & begging.  Personally, I find that somewhat demeaning, but hey, different paws for different claws.


From the Other Side of the Tracks:  A wharf cat who even tried the boat life for a couple of weeks aboard Morningstar, but let the owners know her displeasure by refusing to use the litter box.  She likes people and is very friendly and talkative (hence her name), but prefers the dock life.  A stiff breeze would roll her down the dock, tho, cuz she's so skinny.  Definitely not the life for me!


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This cat has now traveled all the way to French Polynesia and beyond aboard Also II with Jim and Kyoko.  We spent some time together in Mazatlan, where we got into a bit of a scuffle but never told on eachother.  (Although when our crews came home and discovered Tux was soaking wet, I think they suspected something.)


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With two cats aboard, Valkyrie is truly blessed.  Susan even took care of me when I sent my crew home for Christmas.  The yellow guy needs a leash, but doesn't seem to mind.  Most of the time, they are happy , but I think Gemini is a one-cat boat so I never offer them refuge when they get into trouble.


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Candy and Chuck built the Celére line of boats, and he has 10 more feet of boat to live in than I do.  I keep trying to talk my crew into upgrading to a bigger boat so they can get all their junk out of my cabin, but I don't think that's going to happen any time soon.


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We have crossed paths with Different Worlds many times in Mexico, but they are also heading west soon, so Sable and I will have to be content with email from now on.  Debbie and Al are much more understanding about cat hair--Sable has much longer fur than I do and I never hear them complaining like my two whiners do.


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Now this is the ultimate insult!  My big crew guy actually took a liking to this animal--and it's not even a cat!  Jumping into other people's boat without being forced to is something better left to the dogs.


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An orphan at Santa Rosalia, Marina ate better than any animal in town.  All the cruisers brought food and water for her, took her to the vet and oooh-ed and aaah-ed until I thought I would puke.  Go figure.  Anyway, I hope she got a good home cuz I really don't want to see her again next year.

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