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Updated Feb. 12, 2002  

NOTE:  Cami has now been made even more famous by author Diana Jessie, who proudly features a nervous Cami in the dinghy on the cover of her new book:

Cruising with Four-Footed Friends!

What is life like for a cruising kitty like Cami the Cat?

If you promise not to tell that I learned how to type, I'll share some secrets with you.  I know you think that a cat is oblivious, but I have to cope with being in the middle of all this hub-bub around the boat.  When I looked at my crew's web site, I realized that they are not giving you the full scoop on everything.  Oh, sure, if you listen to them, it's all "Cocktails at Sunset!"  But a lot of silly things go on around here that I thought you should know about.  So come along for the ride, and see who you believe.



The First Two Years:  1999-2000

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It takes a human about 6 months to get used to this lifestyle, but it takes a superior being a bit longer.  (It took me 2 years, but I think that was because my crew was particularly stubborn.)  Some of these images will give you an idea what I had to cope with.

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Cami Continues Her Big Adventure 2001-2002

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Now that things are pretty much the way I like them, I have taken a little more time to re-orient my crew to my way of thinking.  They don't always agree at first, but I'm a very patient species and eventually prevail.

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Animal Friends

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You'd be surprised at the number of other superior life forms in Mexico, both on and off boats.  Some of them, like Jade here on Long Tall Sally,  are still training their crew, and most of them are pleased with the results.  See if there's someone you know in this collection.

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