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Updated February 12,2002

The Big Adventure Continues:  2001-2002


Well, life isn't so bad, is it?  We've had a few wild rides, some wet cushions and a lot of fish, so on the average, I've done OK.  The big guy and the skinny lady have now been pretty well-trained, and I don't have to meow at them too often anymore.  Take a look at some of these recent photos and see if you think you might enjoy the cruising life.  (By the way, my crew boy said if he is re-incarnated, he'd like to come back as a cruising kitty.  That just goes to show you how little he understands about how tough this life is for me.)

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My Little Corners of the World

Regal.jpg (90939 bytes)Dodger.jpg (85402 bytes)

The fix-it guy designed this "dodger" very cleverly for me.  It unfolds into a nice protective sun room when it rains, and I can lie inside, protected from the elements.  But usually I have my crew collapse it and put the cover on it so I can curl up in the curve.


The Closer They Get, The Better They Look

Bird1.jpg (84638 bytes)Bird2.jpg (84445 bytes)Deadbird.jpg (110405 bytes)

I do miss the opportunity to chase mice in the fields and birds in trees, but sometimes an unsuspecting creature perches on the boat--"Tempting Fate" is what I call it.


More Conventional Dining

Scallops.jpg (98063 bytes)ScienceDiet1.jpg (112383 bytes)ScienceDiet2.jpg (112125 bytes)

They took me to a place called "The Sea of Cortez", where I developed quite a palate for scallops.  In most other locations, however, I enjoy Science Diet Light, which is becoming difficult to find in Mexico.  I just checked the cabinet, and we're getting low on supplies.  If anyone is coming this way, please toss a couple bags into your luggage (carry-on, of course)--OK?


Safety Issues

Lifejacket.jpg (79515 bytes)Givens.jpg (111905 bytes)

One of the little misunderstandings we had was about safety gear.  No cat with any self-respect would be caught wearing this ridiculous life-jacket, so I convinced them to buy a life-raft.  OK, so it's about ten times more expensive, but peace of mind does not come easily to a feline.


Energy--A Renewable Resource

Energy.jpg (126583 bytes)

This Ample Power Energy Monitor gives us a status read-out on our batteries, solar panels, wind generator and regulator.  I keep a constant watch on this equipment, since I know how valuable energy can be.


More Projects!

Projects1.jpg (104883 bytes)Projects2.jpg (76048 bytes)

Working on the boat is something that I guess never goes away.  I guess I'm glad the handy guy keeps an eye on things to make sure everything's ship-shape, but when he drags out the toolboxes, I'm almost always disturbed.  On the other hand, I might discover a new cubbyhole during the process.


Laundry Day

Laundry1.jpg (123563 bytes)Laundry2.jpg (147423 bytes)

I've tried and tried, but cannot train my crew to groom themselves like I do.  Granted, they don't have razor-like bumps on their tongue like I do, but I think they could still save a lot of water by taking my advice.  Also, they wouldn't have this humiliating scene of clothes and unmentionables hanging all over the place.


The Finer Things in Life

Literature.jpg (83386 bytes)

Cruising does allow some time to catch up on a little reading (especially on hot afternoons).  My team usually succumbs to trivial publications like Latitude 38 or legal mystery novels, but I prefer good literature, like Galileo's Daughter.


A Good Rest is Always Important

Morning.jpg (89658 bytes)Passages.jpg (91935 bytes)Sleeping.jpg (68621 bytes)WakeUpCall.jpg (74923 bytes)

At anchor or underway, you can't ignore the value of much-needed sleep.  While the radio-guy runs his early-morning nets, the lady sneaks a few extra winks.  Here I am waiting patiently for her to do "The Ritual":  vacuum my room, clean my litter-box, change my water and put fresh food in my bowl.  The other two photos were taken during an overnight crossing, when I have to take care of the off-watch staff in the salon berth. But they leave me alone during meals, when they are both awake and eager to plan the next leg of the voyage.  Unfortunately, everyone has to wake up when that radar-thing has a bunch of green dots moving around on it.  As you can see from this rude awakening, I share Hitler's theory that the Big Boss should be left in peace unless absolutely necessary.


Brace Yourself!

Underway.jpg (126644 bytes)

If you're not tucked in nicely, you might have to brace yourself against something to keep from rolling off your shelf.  Sometimes I like to keep an eye on the electronic navigation charts while we're underway, but I always have to be prepared for a wind-shift.


Sharing Space

Shelf1.jpg (116500 bytes)Shelf2.jpg (109332 bytes)

I gave my crew more than their fare share of space for clothes, food and tools, so you'd think they'd keep my spaces clear?  No such luck!  This shelf in the V-Berth is perfect for me, but eyeglasses, books and bug-repellent sneak in there from time to time, requiring me to clean house a little.


Windscoop Heaven

Windscoop1.jpg (89064 bytes)Windscoop3.jpg (55604 bytes)Windscoop2.jpg (87750 bytes)

This 4-way windscoop was handmade for me by Marsha of Loup de Mer.  She chose the kind of spinnaker material I love, thin and crinkly, with a beautiful color scheme to ensure pleasant dreams.  If the breeze is light, my crew sometimes borrows it to hang above the V-berth hatch so more wind can come into the boat.  But as soon as they take it down, I'm on it!


Gear Galore

Fairlead.jpg (75633 bytes)

This boat has tracks, cleats, clutches and every imaginable piece of gear available.  I find that smooth-edged stainless steel gear like this fairlead gives my neck the best gentle scratch when I need just the right touch.



Screen.jpg (71949 bytes)

One of the things we cruisers have to watch out for is bugs, especially cuz they love to bite the big guy and he gets really grouchy when he's covered with bites.  (He says he's allergic, and I guess being grouchy is one type of allergic reaction.)  Anyway, the screens are great but they restrict my in & out activities, too.  So I've added "screen redesign" to the project list, and hope it will get taken care of soon.  Meanwhile I have to wait patiently for them to let me in.

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Web Design is Hard Work

These late-night sessions sneaking onto the computer to do my web page really take their toll.  I make it through by munching on Kitty Treats and licking my paws to prevent catpaw tunnel syndrome, but exhaustion eventually overtakes me.  I apologize to those of you who have been waiting so long for an update, but I hope you understand that typing can be a real challenge with these dumb humanoid keyboard designs.  And these laptops are no fun:  there is no mouse!

Thanks for your patience.


   . . . AND I've made some new friends in Mexico!

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