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Official Representatives for Spectra Watermakers

Updated October 15, 2006

Les Sutton is an official Spectra representative for these advanced products.  After a thorough training program at Spectra's facilities in Sausalito, California, he is qualified in sales and service for the full line of Spectra products.  This includes not only their watermakers, from the 6.3 gallon-per-hour Ventura 150 through the 42-gph Turbo WM-1000, but also their unique anti-fouling system that repels bacteria and bio-fouling in watermakers and air conditioners.  Email us at the address below or, if you are in our area (see Current Location), try hailing us on one of the popular single sideband radio nets

For more detailed information, go to the Spectra Watermaker site on the internet.


Care & Feeding of Watermakers

Les uses this PowerPoint presentation for watermaker seminars.   Click here to view the 25 slides that cover watermaker basics  regardless of manufacturer.  It was based on a much more thorough presentation developed by Ray Carter for Spectra, also available online at their site:  Spectra Watermakers 101

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