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Updated January 10, 2004

These are the major systems "we" (mostly Les!) worked on for over a year before our departure.  Anyone who knows Les realizes that he puts a lot of thought into equipping the boat, and that he's a real "Jack of all trades".  Even so, the unexpected always made projects far more challenging than they had a right to be.  Now that we've figured out some of the wrinkles, we have some excellent systems on board and hope this information might help you with your own boat choices.

These two are the mainstay of our existence:
Svendsen's Boat Works With a helpful staff, great inventory & full-service boatyard, Sven's was Gemini's mainstay for serious prep. 
West Marine The Nordstrom store for boaters.
Peet's Coffee You're  welcome anytime--just bring a couple pounds of Garuda  (beans, of course!)  Update Year 4:  We've discovered delicious coffee in every country we've visited, so bring See's Candy instead!

Other vendors were of trememdous help to us.
If you contact any of them, please tell them we referred you, so they know how much we appreciated their assistance.

Dinghies & Toys
Electrical & Energy
Engine & Propulsion
Galley & Living


Navigation & Steering

Good Ideas/What We've Learned

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