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Yes, we like to sail--but everyone knows the wind is not always going your way.  So the old "iron jenny" gets us through the doldrums, off the lee shores and up through the head-on winds.  Life at 6 knots is a good way to reduce stress--or so they say.  But the wise sailor never takes the engine for granted, and Les is no exception.  Having rebuilt the engine and gradually replaced or reconditioned other parts, he knows it well.  Now the system purrs like a kitten, and we are doing everything we can to keep it that way.

Pathfinder 55 HP
Diesel Engine
After admitting that our 1982 engine was showing its age, we decided to buy a new "longblock" from Pathfinder Marine in Canada and do the job right.  This meant pulling the engine out, taking everything off, reconditionting or replacing the auxillary parts, putting it all back together and dropping it back into the boat.  It was a 3-week job, but with some help from Frank Nigro and John ("...the deliverer of diesel counsel") Les did it!
Alpha Marine
MaxProp Propeller
Chuck and his crew at Alameda Prop in Alameda were extremely helpful (and patient!) while we tried to figure out the magic prop/pitch combination for our Walters V-drive transmission.  After discovering that all the published tables were wrong, we called Pathfinder Marine and got a 15-inch 3-bladed feathering propeller that works like a dream in both forward and reverse.  This is half science, half art--Chuck and Chino pulled a rabbit out of the hat and solved this one for us, coupler, shaft prop--lock, stock & barrel.
Propeller Shaft Seal
from Ibsen Co.
(206) 364-2284
While replacing the engine, it made sense to remove the traditional packing system with a Norscot.  This requires transmission fluid but no packing, and has been very satisfactory for us.
Dual Fuel Filter
Every engine has the potential of getting dirty fuel--either from contaminated sources or deterioration from the fuel tanks.  Being able to change the filter easily underway is a big advantage with this 2-filter switchable system.

Chino does his magic       .   .   .        and our MaxProp works like a dream!

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