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(NEW! July 1, 2001)

Log 6:  Summer in the Sea of Cortez



At Puerto Don Juan, tidal ranges can reach 10 feet.  Some boats, especially those with a full keel, can take advantage of this opportunity to drive their boat close to shore at high tide, then wait for the water to go out.  Debbie and Jeff positioned their boat at 4 a.m.  By the time everyone else woke up, the action had already begun.

Eveyone loves a party!  As the tide starts to go down, Sailor's Run is heeled over to one side.  It doesn't take long before she is high and dry.


One thing you need a lot of when careening is advisors!

Sailor's Run consults with Dreamweaver, Maluhia, Also II and Gemini to be sure the job is done right.



Deb & Jeff

Debbie & Jeff have about 4 hours to paint each's a race against the tide.


Debbie and Jeff wait patiently as the tide starts to come up again.  The only casualty they reported was a leak in the railing, which caused some water damage to their HF radio.  Otherwise, everything was fine.

For more details, you can link to the article they wrote in the November 2000 issue of Latitude 38.

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