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(May 28, 2002)

Log 9:  Cruising Friends


The Baja offered many pleasant, peaceful opportunities to get to know people fairly well.  In striking contrast,  Zihuatanejo was jammed with almost 100 boats, and we were so overwhelmed we didn't even take many pictures!  Our apologies to the many friends who shared good times with us but didn't get a photo on this page.  Many have gone south, west and north but we hope to catch up with them some day and fill in the gaps!


At the end of our summer in the Sea, Wanderlusts's  Gene and Aggie took a magazine-cover quality photo of Geminini approaching Gaceteros (a well-kept secret anchorage  Mildred V shared with us).  I don't have kind of that talent, so can only offer this poor attempt at thanking them for their friendship and good times.  They spent the Winter/Spring season in La Paz taking college courses in Spanish, so we'll have a lot to catch up with in the Sea.


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Scarlett.jpg (68489 bytes) John and Renee shared many anchorages with Gemini during the summer in the Sea of Cortez.  Both elightful people, John has built and repaired boats with a passion, and Renee can cook up a storm!  We will miss them for a while during their return to the United States, but Cami may be relieved that she doesn't have to try and live up to John's IQ expectations.
Maverick.jpg (69877 bytes) We knew Maverick from our extended stay at Marina Mazatlan last year, but didn't get to know them very well until this Spring.  A bona fide cat-lover, Barbara has cat-sat for Cami, even taking her aboard for 2 weeks while we were berthed in the crocodile-infested Ixtapa Marina.  Joe chuckled good-naturedly while Cami claimed Maverick as her domain, including the exclusive right to sleep with him every night.
MarnaLynn.jpg (64334 bytes) Marna Lynn is a 47-foot Waquiez, a French boat with characteristics that could make a good buddy boat for Gemini.  Unfortunately, our schedules have not coincided but Joe and Jackie will be in the Sea of Cortez this summer, so an encounter is almost inevitable. 
Reprise.jpg (52690 bytes)

Barbara and Montie have a cat aboard Reprise that is almost an identical twin for Cami.  Click here to see if you know Cami well enough to do an identification test! 


Note:  If you flunk this test, you will be banned from my website for one year.



ZraceWinona.jpg (81539 bytes)ZraceRoy.jpg (54841 bytes)

Somehow, we lost a group of Zihuatanejo photos that showed Winona and Roy aboard their 36-foot Westerly named Saucy Lady.  Luckily, they participated in the catamaran race and were prominently featured in some photos taken by Fairwinds.  Always ready with a laugh, Winona helped Diane at the mercado, asking for garbage bag donations for the beach clean-up.  Roy, too, has a great sense of humor, as can be seen by his wearing the Barra de Navidad shirt--his nemesis!


Helen and Wayne  from "Viajera" joined us in the river ride at Tenacatita, but spent the summer in Germany and Canada, respectively.  Wayne (with the hat) is a heli-ski guide and Helen has a PhD in German--sometimes we'd laugh until our sides hurt! 

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