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(Updated May 31, 2002)

Zihuatanejo Catamaran Races


Latitude 38's Profligate  challenged Blair & Mary's Capricorn Cat  to a duel.

ZraceProf1.jpg (132248 bytes)ZraceBlair1.jpg (68544 bytes)


In spite of his crew of 20+ for the day, Blair seems to get the job done before anyone even thinks about moving.  Dale from Sunrise just hopes he'll be as spry in a few years!


ZraceBlair2.jpg (65586 bytes)ZraceDale.jpg (133269 bytes)ZraceBlair3.jpg (80224 bytes)


Different Strokes?

Some people resort to rodeo techniques when the going gets tough, trying to lasso the competition.  Others don't seem to sweat the small stuff!

ZraceLasso.jpg (179573 bytes)ZraceBeer.jpg (148413 bytes)

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