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(Updated October 1, 2001)

Log 7:  Mazatlan Cruising Friends

October 30, 2000 - May 9, 2001



The Mazatlan marina is definitely "party town", but behind the fun there were some bonding experiences sharing projects, family stories and personal insights.  The "Search" feature at the bottom of the page is handy for finding someone in particular.  (A boat name will usually work best but first names are used as well.  In order to shelter the guilty from law enforcement, last names are NEVER used.) 


Windward Luv--ready for a night on the town!

No discussion of Marina Mazatlan would be complete without introducing the Mayor of Dock 7 and his lovely first lady.  As their neighbors, we enjoyed Don's wry sense of humor and were constantly distracted by the wonderful aromas from Lena's gourmet galley.  Don also provided Cami with gourmet treats, thus becoming one of her favorite people.


John and Monica pamper their Yorkshire terrier Candy and treated Cami like one of the family.

See Cami in background as she was not allowed off the boat.


Niņa del Mar

Lou and Billie were with the Class of 2000 Baja Ha-Ha.



Barbara, the Queen of Dock 7 and her Court Jester, Tom enjoyed the end tie, where they could kibbitz on everyone's projects.  Barbara tried to teach us to relax and not work so vain, of course.  And Tom was also, one of Cami's best friends, always stopping by the bow pulpit to antagonize her while she was taking a rare nap. 


Apache II

Marlena and the skipper Mike celebrate the christening of Apache II with his daughters 
and his brother.



Roy and Darlene shared Mardi Gras fun with us.  After doing "The Baja Bash" north to Ensenada and completing some boatwork, they plan to return to Mexico in the fall 2001.


New Adventure

A charming young lady, Leah coils the dock lines in style as they depart Mazatlan. 

This remarkable Canadian family definitely lived up to their boat name, and had a royal send-off from people at the marina.  Originally heading for the SF Bay Area,  Jerry and Michelle decided to return to Canada after all, and are now in Edmunton, Alberta, where Leah and Kailey are delighted to be in school again, making new friends and playing in the . . . snow?

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