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(Updated July 1, 2001)

Log 6:  Summer Cruising Friends

July 13 - October 30, 2000



You may see someone you know here.  Use the "Search" feature at the bottom of the page if you have trouble finding someone (boat names are almost always used).  Or  just browse through this collection if you have any doubts about the camaraderie we share. 


Shared some of the fun at Caleta Partida with Jan and David on Polar Bear.  

They went to Chile for the there's a way to escape the heat!

Bill and Doreen on Lanikai, see more at

Larry and Beth on Reason in Bahia de Los Angeles

Jim and Kyoko of Also II

Bill and Patty of Good Medicine

Marc and Peggy of Sea Angel.                         Then Mike with Kona D in the background in Santa Rosalia


Gemini, Dreamweaver and Reason lounging on the "beach" at Punta Soledad.  What we couldn't share with you was the antics we all went through before we got the "auto-photo" feature working.


Guillermo's is a favorite hangout at Bahia de Los Angeles.  Here the Butts family from Dreamweaver, then Les & Larry (Reason) anticipate the ice cold treats after a hot afternoon of shopping. 

Dreamweaver ventures away from the cantina now again...........other goodies await Chris in the sea.


All crews are looking sharp after haircuts at San Francisquito.


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