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(Updated February 12, 2002)

Friends from Summer in the Sea 2001

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Les and John from Scarlett O'Hara marvel at the unending desert paths.

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Always with a unique solution, Chewbacca dinghies over for snacks aboard Gemini with a pink umbrella to protect them from the sun.  Bruce always hollers "Contact!" before pulling the start cord on the outboard motor--a warning April suggested after nearly giving Kendall and Quincy a black eye with his elbow.
FriendsAlouette.jpg (121431 bytes) Alouette de Mer is famous for their generous, friendly spirit...and Riley & Maureen's gourmet recipes don't hurt, either!
Paul and Allison aboard Espresso race from Limona to Bahia de Los Angeles to catch the precious Tuesday grocery truck.
Debbie and Al manage to balance boat work and social activities non-stop, always making life look like a picnic.
Guy and Deb continue to cruise with style aboard Elan, a 46-foot catamaran.  They are seen here after bringing their boat ashore during an extreme low tide to sand and paint the bottom.  This is called "careening", which is a little more exciting with a mono-hull.
Martha Rose is almost a legend in her own time.  Dean is extremely knowledgeable and practical about boat systems, while Kopi's "Sourdough Starter" has launched bread projects on many a boat.
Rita and Darrell from Overheated are ecstatic with their catch, a good-sized Dorado.
Valkyrie also scoots over to Bahia de Los Angeles for vegetables on Tuesday.  Steve and Susan handle her nicely, and don't let their two very well-behaved cats cramp their style.
Powerboaters like Cynthia and Jim have amenities like ice aboard their Nordhaven Stormhaven, and enjoy the cruising life with a little more comfort than "mere mortals".
Rick and Lynn aboard Sapphire, planning to head toward Panama this year.
Aurora spent some time in the Sea of Cortez but then Jim & Pam headed to Ensenada while Jim works on another movie.
Candy and Chuck on Celere also crew for their cat--a rewarding pastime. 
Lonestar's Gary (Bob) and Steph have made an art out of living in the Sea of Cortez.
Hopalong is taking Sally and David to Central America--Bon Voyage!
George and Sonia also subscribe to the catamaran club, of which C'est Si Bon is a fine specimen.
Murray from Juandra hauls anchor to leave the Sea of Cortez and Mexico for the east coast of the United States.  Good Luck, Joan and Murray!


Steve jumped into the dinghy  while underway to capture some great photos of Dreamweaver and Gemini sailing with their spinnakers up.


Not all our friends live on boats.  

Here are some cruisers' friends who enjoy the land-based side of Mexico.

Patrick and Alicia live on the Pacific Coast of Baja in Magdalena Bay and are extremely active on the radio nets, helping boaters stay in touch with one another and handling emergency situations when the need arises. 

 (Patrick's Ham suffix is "GSD".  You can hear him daily on the Amigo, Chubasco and Southbound radio nets.)


Jim and Mary built a beautiful house near Santa Rosalia in  Punta Chivato.  They welcome every cruiser to the bay and invite them to come ashore for cocktails...almost before we have our anchors down!  Their assistance in person as well as on the radio is much appreciated.  (Jim's ham suffix is "JLO", and you can hear him daily on the Sonrisa net.

Dennis and Rainy have adopted the Bahia de Los Angeles area called "Limona" as their vacation home, entertaining and having an all-around good time with their friends in the area as whale sharks cruise the waters right in front of their beach.

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Some friendships will withstand any kind of abuse!

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