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Photos 5--Mazatlan to La Paz

Updated June 20, 2000

Les & Diane enjoy tooting around in their AquaPro dinghy, while John & Linda Bower take the sensible car to Los Muertos.


Good friends John & Nancy aboard Nanjo at Caleta Partida.

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Sparrow . . . cool as ever after a tricky "fly-by" mail transfer.


Swinging by Isla San Francisco, sailing vessels Iwa & Cheval give Tayana 37's a good name.


Collecting seashells and showing off our tan lineswith Saga & Seashell at Agua Verde.


Sailing along the coast gives us a different perspective.


This navigation stuff isn't nearly as tough as Les makes it seem.

See my web page about cruising from my viewpoint, Cami.


Wildlife at Los Isolotes is enchanting.


La Paz is attracting some strange characters these days.  Identity is always a problem.


Dad wonders how many tropical fruit drinks one kid can comsume?

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